Our Designers

Every season, a limited number of talented designers are showcasing their latest collections and compete for winning WFF Awards.

Don't wait any longer and be one of the selected designers to participate at the World Fashion Festival Dubai, proudly representing your country!


Kelly NG Canada

Top fashion design graduate of one of the world's leading Fashion Design schools, her award-winning talents are now exhibited through her haute couture designs - the Kelly Ng Couture brand captures the very essence of sophisticated glamour.

Each Kelly Ng couture dress is a one of a kind signature Kelly Ng Couture garment, specifically tailored for each client's measurements, body stance, and personal preference, with extreme attention to craftsmanship and detail.

Ioana Suteu Romania

Ioana Suteu is a successful Romanian designer known as the "Princess of Crochet" who is bringing to Dubai two collections - one for adults and one for children.

The collection "Luxury Peacock" is a haute-couture handmade collection full of elegance and refinement, whose sensuality is highlighted by the application of peacock feathers endowed with originality and uniqueness! The collection is addressed to women full of sensuality and good taste!

The collection dedicated to children is a joyful handmade collection, full of colors made of lighter fabrics, inspired by the Japanese toy "Amigurumii"- the symbol of Joy!

Hilda Falati Italy

Hilda Falati is a Romanian fashion designer with an Italian style and an eye for couture. Her philosophy and aesthetic values are best showcased in the brand’s tagline: ‘’couture is in the details’’. Her love for couture & the fashion world started earlier in life but it’s only until recently that she managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a fully-fledged fashion designer.

Back in Italy, she attended various high-end fashion & couture courses, as well as pattern making and embroidery techniques that helped her develop a strong personal sense of style.

Dahlia Couture Romania

Trophy Award Winner as "The most creative designer for evening dresses" (Creative Industries Awards 4th Edition, 2017) and with an experience of 10 years as designer, Dahlia Couture outfits have delighted even the most sophisticated tastes, both through the exceptional quality of the materials and the accuracy of the cut.

The passion for bridal dresses came from the family, from grand-grand mothers who were seamstresses of bridal gowns and occasion.

Aelita CoutureKazakhstan

Aelita is a young but already well-known and talented designer. Her brand AELITA COUTURE is one of the leading Kazakhstan brands, whose outfits are chosen by the most demanding representatives of show business and secular Kazakhstan. AELITA COUTURE has won great love and recognition among girls all over the world.

The concept of brand lies in the name itself. After all, Couture is the embodiment of the highest sewing skill. Aelita Couture gives hand-embroidered dresses, from which it is impossible to tear off the eyes. When creating each collection, special attention is paid to fabrics and high-quality applied material.

The DNA of the brand - decorating and hand-made corsets, an ideal fit for the figure.


XU YUE JUAN is a fashion designer who constantly seeks perfection at any cost. She caught the attention of the international fashion thanks to her role as Ambassador of high class "Made in Italy", mixing Eastern ancient technique with the tailoring taste of supreme Italian fashion quality.

Delves-JK is a unique reality in the Italian world of high-class fashion. The Delves-JK's collection come from high quality fabrics and leather, entirely Made in Italy, tailored with extreme care through expert tailoring processes. Xu Yue Juan's creations are always modern and evocative.

Through the materials she gives shape to luxury and ensures the only way to become "Ambassador of 100% Made in Italy".


Lina Mane is an experienced & passionate designer who is born and raised in Mumbai and later settled down in Dubai. Lina studied fashion designing at the prestigious institutes of Mumbai and Milan.

Her brand L'MANE presents brilliantly fashioned haute couture & Pret a porter dresses made in subtle color combination reflecting golden era of 60's including innovative design details such as vintage cuts embellished with Swarovski hand bead work, pure fabrics, hand painted and customized prints.

L'MANE philosophy behind the label is to offer women unique collection which can be wearable to any occasion. Therefore every design under this brand includes elements which are thoughtfully conceptualized on best of fabrics to create new unique pieces.

At WFFA 2018, L'MANE will showcase her Collection called "Mystique".

Loredana SanduRomania

Loredana Sandu: "I can say that throughout my career I've been oscillating between my two "selves", the figure-oriented (an economist and an entrepreneur, I manage an international freight transport company) and the creative nature that dreams nicely and thinks the impossible can nevertheless be possible.

Her creations are a combination between classic and chic, with hand-made embroidery. During WFFA, Loredana Sandu will delight us with her "Touch of Mahnoor".


Fashion designer Sabra Andre from Taitung County created a stir at the 2017 Vancouver Fashion Week last month with his black-and-white themed collection that featured Taiwanese indigenous totems and cross stitch patterns.

Andre's success at the show also attracted media attention at home for the first time, even though his designs have been popular among local celebrities and buyers from the Middle East for a while.

With an innate skill for combining colors, he began to learn how to make movie posters for billboards from his uncle and by the age of 17 was earning enough to help support himself and his siblings.

"Entering the world of fashion design was totally accidental" he said.

In 2009, he won the government-sponsored Taiwan Fashion Design Award with his bold and unique designs inspired by Paiwan images.

"I was lucky" said Andre, who is one of only a handful of Taiwanese fashion designers who incorporate aboriginal symbols and totems, such as the Hundred-pace Snake totem of the Paiwan people into clothing designs.

n 2017, one of his designs, inspired by the Paiwan myth "Born in a Ceramic Pot" was showcased by the lead actor in the Taiwan film "Alifu, the Prince/ss" about a modern-day Paiwan Prince who yearns to be a woman.

"My designs do not have to be worn by celebrities, but those who wear them will become celebrities" he said.